Advancing the cannabis movement
one company at a time



Legal services for VS Tech portfolio companies are provided by leading marijuana law firm Vicente Sederberg.


Software services for VS Tech portfolio companies are provided by veteran software development company Ceylon Solutions.


Cash investments for selected VS Tech portfolio companies are provided by VS Tech ventures fund and when appropriate through other strategic funds.


VS tech provides advisory services to our portfolio companies through our internal group of seasoned partners.



Vicente Sederberg

Vicente Sederberg’s attorneys have more than three decades of combined experience representing clients in the marijuana industry and working on marijuana policy reform. They do not just advise clients on the law; they help to shape the laws and regulations themselves. Vicente Sederberg is not called “The Marijuana Law Firm” for nothing. No other firm in the country can compete with their experience in all facets of the marijuana industry.

Ceylon Solutions

Ceylon Solutions

Ceylon Solutions is a web, software, and mobile development company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, where most of their executives and project management staff are based. Their development staff and operational executives are based in the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka.

VS Tech Ventures


VS Tech Ventures has assembled a group of the leading cannabis funds and capital sources, which will be given priority access to our partner companies. This will allow companies seeking to raise future rounds of capital to have a privileged relationship with these capital providers. This includes funds such as


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